Monday, June 30, 2014

[Interview #5] Storn Cook, Artist and Son of Kryos

I was aware of Storn the Podcaster before I was aware of Storn the Artist.

Sure, I'd seen his art but it's different when you realize "Hey, I've heard this guy talk about gaming!"

Storn was on the late and much-missed Sons of Kryos with Judd and Jeff. I've got all 60 odd episodes of SoK and usually listen to them from beginning to end every year or two. They are that good. Storn came into the podcast about 15 or so episodes in and added a thoughtfulness to the discussion that I really appreciated, rounding out the crew.

As an artist, Storn has done illustrations for West End Games' Star Wars (he's got his own page on Wookiepedia!), Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds, as well as other Savage Worlds products (like Winterweir by Phipps Studios), and more. You can find his blog here, his Photobucket here and his Deviant Art page here.

Onward to the interview!

Otyugh Talk: Have you mentored a new GM and what skills did you pass on?

Storn Cook: Yes. To think about balancing an encounter and letting the ramifications of players actions happen without judgement.

[Ed. Yes!]

OT: Are there dice you want that you currently don't have?

SC: No. Not really.

OT: Have you ever drawn an Otyugh?

SC: Yes. A while back and I cannot remember if it was for Kenzer or AEG, but it was some 3rd party dungeon module for open license 3rd edition.

[Ed. Fans, check your 3rd edition products! A free Sea Otyugh starter kitTM to the first minion that provides the info on the product and page!]

Storn also said "Hi Matt.  Thanks for the opportunity to spout off..."

Thanks, Storn, for taking the time.

Be sure to check out Storn's illustrations!

More interviews soon!

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