Thursday, July 24, 2014

[Interview #12] Glenn Moore, Gamer

I've known and gamed with Glenn for nearly a decade.

Mark Woodside brought him into our game group and he joined our coterie of GMs (yes, his initials, don't think I've missed that) running such games settings as Marine Fighter Pilots during the Vietnam War, Classic Star Trek, Fringeworthy, and Abram's Star Trek reboot.

Three things I can tell you about Glenn:
  • He's the guy responsible for bringing Savage Worlds to the table. Yay!
  • He's the gun-bunny of the game group.
  • Finally, there's always one: he is, without fail, the guy at the table who is going to roll snake-eyes. Often rolling poorly repeatedly. 
In addition to being a good friend and excellent gamer, he's also got a bunch of good stories, including gaming stories (If you ever run into Glenn at a game convention, ask him about "I wack the priest").

Glenn kindly answered questions for Otyugh Talk:

Otyugh Talk: Have you ever played a character out of type and how did that go?

Glenn Moore: Well. I've played a gay psionicist in a Savage Worlds Fringeworthy game and a black cop in "Witchcraft". Both allowed me license explore character behaviors which would have been out of type for other characters.

[Ed. Fringeworthy by Tri Tac Games (a Savage Worlds version is in the works) and Witchcraft by Eden Studios (available free on Drivethru RPG)]

OT: What game renewed your faith in gaming?

GM: Savage Worlds. I had been at a place where I was not looking forward to gaming due to one of the players being a subject matter expert with the current system. I hunted for another system this player knew nothing of with which I could run my games. SW was not my first system, but it has been with me since I discovered it in 2005.

[Ed. As I mentioned above, Glenn introduced Savage Worlds to our game group and it's now our system of choice]

OT: What would be your "elevator pitch" for an Otyugh-themed adventure?

GM: Gentle Ben meets The Expendables, where an Otyugh is convinced to assist a rag-tag group of freedom-fighters for hire to assist in the overthrow of a despot and earns the love of a child in the process.

I'm interested.

[Ed. You have to run this now, Glenn]

Thanks for the interview, Glenn.

More to come so bookmark (CTRL+D) this blog.....

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