Sunday, July 27, 2014

[Interview #13] Judd Karlman, Son of Kryos & The Githyanki Diaspora blog

Judd Karlman is the second of the Sons of Kryos interviewed for Otyugh Talk. And he also writes the Githyanki Diaspora blog.

He's appeared on other podcasts, like The Canon Puncture Show with Rich Rogers and Canon Puncture's This Imaginary Life.

Judd wrote and published The Dictionary of Mu, a supplement for Ron Edwards' Sorcerer, that's been described as "Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom meets Robert Howard's Conan meets the Bible." I picked up my copy a while ago and for such a slim volume, it's filled with quality.

I argued with Judd a while ago about fudging die rolls. He said on one of the Sons of Kryos podcasts that if you are fudging rolls, then the system you are using isn't working for you (he said it much better). He knew it was a controversial statement when he said it and when I had the opportunity, I emailed him about it. And then I started thinking about it and I've come full circle: now I roll in the open and my players take the dice as they fall.

And yes, that leads to some very nervous situations....

That, to me, is the mark of a good gaming podcaster, one that makes you think about how you are playing your game.

I was glad that Judd took the time to answer some questions.

On with the interview!

Otyugh Talk: As a fan of the Sons of Kryos, do you have any plans to get the gang back together and re-boot the podcast?

Judd Karlman: Thank you, I'm flattered that anyone remembers our show.

When we first started the show, Jeff and I knew that we could keep the show going for as long as we continued to game regularly, Storn joined and strengthened that with his own broad gaming experience.

Right now, none of us are gaming like we used to, our lives are just in very different places. That said, who knows?! Life is long and strange, gaming isn't going anywhere and Ithaca has a strong pull on all of us - never say never.

OT: You're in a game shop and you pick up a new game that says "this game will change gaming forever" on the back cover. What should that game include in order to change gaming forever?

JK: In order to change gaming forever, before anything else, it has to inspire me to play it. It has to fill me with a burning desire to get home from a long day of work and gather my friends to play or set aside a precious weekend night to dedicate to pursuing this game.

That isn't easy.

[Ed. I have noted that "game changer" is often bandied about in all industries]

OT: How would you incorporate an Otyugh into The Dictionary of Mu?

JK: Demons in the Dictionary of Mu are a part of the history of Marr'd. Maybe the original denizens of the dying planet are the Otyugh? Who knows!

Oghma, son of Ogham might write it up like this:

Otyugh: Foul creatures who kill the unwary making their lairs in piles of human offal. See also, Politicians.

[Ed. Now to find a nice pen to write that in my copy.....]

Thanks, Judd!

More interviews to come.....

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