Monday, July 7, 2014

[Interview #7] Meguey Baker, Night Sky Games

Meguey Baker is the author of One Thousand and One Nights and Psi*Run, two indie RPGs published by her company, Night Sky Games.

She also has an essay in Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters a book published by Engine Publishing, the Gnome Stew blog folks, and participated in Names: The Story Games Name Project.

Otyugh Talk asked Meguey some questions and she was kind enough to respond. Thanks!

Forward to the interview!

Otyugh Talk: What myths exist in the gaming community that you wish would just die?

Meguey Baker: There are several, but the very top ones are that girls/women don't play games of all kinds and that teenage boys are just terrible in general and are to blame for any poor behavior in the community. After that, the myth that a good GM can make a game great - a poorly designed game is a poorly designed game, and if the GM is the only thing making it work, that's a real shame.

[Ed. good examples of myths that need to die!]

OT: Have you ever played RPGs online using Skype or Google+ hangout with Roll20 and do you think this is the future of gaming?

MB: I've played a few games over G+ hangouts, but I haven't used Roll20. It's undoubtedly part of the future - it's part of the present - but it is not the future.

OT: Tell me about your favorite character. Did it ever battle an Otyugh?

MB: My favorite character was a detective in a Cyberpunk game, and no, he did not battle an Otyugh. He hunted a serial killer who turned out to be an honest-to-goodness vampire.

Meguey, thanks for taking this interview.

More interviews to come.....

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