Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Interview #14] Margaret Weis, Best Selling Author and Game Designer


I'd been playing RPGs for 6 years at this point. I'd read The Hobbit and LOTR, the Wizard of Earthsea and the other books in that trilogy, and more.

A book titled Dragons of Autumn Twilight came out, written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Neither I nor any of my gaming friends recognized either name. We all knew Gygax and Arneson and the other folks at TSR but these two? Who the heck were they?

But we all read it and played the modules through and through, and then read every single book that came after it. The Dragonlance setting was born and has generated tons of novels and game supplements and game play.

30 years later, Margaret Weis has no problem being recognized.

She's got over 50 best selling fantasy and science fiction novels to her credit.

She owns Margaret Weis Productions, which has published a series of licensed movie and tv franchise RPGs: Serenity (2005), Battlestar Galactica (2007), Supernatural (2009), Leverage (2010), Smallville (2010), Marvel Heroic (2012), and, coming full circle, Firefly (2014).

Every time I read the MWP website, I am compelled to throw money at them (yes, I've got nearly all their games and participated in the Firefly Pre-Order).

Margaret was kind enough to sit down with Otyugh Talk to answer some questions.....

On with the interview!

Otyugh Talk: Do you have a favorite game convention that you go to where you can just game?

Margaret Weis: Gary Con is a small convention in Lake Geneva, WI where I can play games with my friends. We also have a yearly TSR reunion with old friends.

[Ed. You can find info on Gary Con here. And cool beans that at least one convention isn't a "I'm at work" convention]

OT: What is your favorite fantasy game and why?

MW: Hah! My own, Margaret Weis Productions, of course. Why? Because we publish Firefly, we have an awesome staff of freelancers and our rules make game-play fun!

OT: What would a Sword of Otyugh Slaying +2 look like?

MW: Mmmm. You got me on this one.

[Ed. Stumped! That's a first here at Otyught Talk]

Thank you, Margaret, for answering.

More interviews to come! Stay tuned!

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